My Home-built camper
Attached are photos of my home built slide-camper for my 2009 GMC Seirra 1500.
I made the camper out of furniture grade plywood. It is covered with glue and canvas and three coats of house paint.
It has two single beds, two benches, table that folds up to give more room and down to make one of the beds. I installed a 2.5gal water heater, sink with faucet, AC, refrigerator with freezer, TV w/dvd, counter for cooking that uses an induction burner, range hood over cook area, three overhead LED lights, overhead exhaust fan, many cabinets and one large drawer, microwave, 110volt outlets. It is completely electric and hookups to either 30 or 50 amp, and water hook up. It has an inverter to DC power for the overhead fan and the range hood and exhaust. It is insulated only in the roof with 2 insulation. The AC and small ceramic heater handle all the AC and heat requirements in all weather conditions.

Made by Murl and Ruth Gwynn and took two months.
It measures on the floor 48 X 91 and is 78 high on the inside. The outside width is 81.5 X 130 long and 82" high.
I keep the refrigerator cooled when traveling with a 2300 watt inverter that is hooked up to an extra battery on the pickup and when at campsite switch to the campsite power with an extra outlet in the camper.