Conflict -

Does Christianity have the power to change lives and keep believers on a righteous path? Does Islam have the answers?

There is a collision of thought and deeds in today’s world, a clash between faith and finance, between peaceful belief and violent fervor.

In Conflict: Christianity’s Love vs. Islam’s Submission, the captivating new book from Dr. Murl Edward Gwynn, deeply explores the contrasting tenets of Christianity and Islam and reveals how the world’s changing religious and spiritual realities impact just about everything we hold dear.

Christians, especially those of us in the United States, have fallen asleep to the dangers to their faith and allowed material wealth to take precedence in their lives. Meanwhile, Islam, despite its practice of forced submission, has become the most populous and fastest-growing religion in the world. Dr. Gwynn’s clarion call seeks to awaken us to the vast differences between Christianity and Islam, not the least of which are the true identity of Jesus the Son, evangelism and salvation, and our relationship of oneness with God.

Now, in this hour of greatest need, Christian believers must stand firm in true, faithful understanding of who they are in the eyes of God. His unending love affair with us is our cornerstone, and by walking in the light of Jesus’ acceptance and forgiveness, we find true riches that will go with us into eternity; we find truth, strength, and freedom.

Christianity's Love vs. Islam's Submission

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