God's word is His direct message of His will and thoughts toward His creation, acpessially man!

I have studied God's word for more than forty one years and the books I have written all teach a message of the love of God and how He interacts with His creation.

It is my sincere desire to help you understand the wonderful being we are saved by and the great promises that are ours through Jesus.

His word is His finger that touches our hearts and minds!
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Conflict - Christianity's Love vs. Islam's Submission
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Chrislam - What communion hath light with darkness?
The President Was A Good Man
Created to Live!
Easter - Not what you think!
Healing - The Children's Bread!
The gods Among Us!
Anything for Acceptance -
One man's journey from bondage to wholeness!
A greeting from Dr. Gwynn
A novel
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Bless and Curse Not!
To the third and fourth Generation!
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Fighting from Victory
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Two Dimensional Christianity
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